Learn to fly at Turweston Flying School.
Learn to fly at Turweston Flying School
  Turweston Flying School offers two PPL courses.
The EASA PPL is a European licence that allows you to fly within Britain and also Europe. The course takes a minimum of 45 hours to complete with 10 of these hours flown as solo, 5 hours of this is cross country flying. The PPL requires students to undertake a medical through a CAA approved clinician before going solo.
The LAPL is also a PPL. This course does not require such a stringent medical and the solo can be flown following a satisfactory consultation with a CAA approved clinician. This course can be completed with a minimum of 30 flying hours.
The IMC/IRR(A) rating is a course that can be undertaken following qualification of your EASA PPL and is completed following a minimum of 15 flight hours and a test flight. This allows you to fly in poor visibility and low cloud.

Turweston Flying School also welcomes qualified pilots who wish to revalidate their licences or self fly hire.


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Ground teaching; statutory checks of the aircraft

Ground teaching; statutory checks of the aircraft

Turweston has several light aircraft that you will be able to undertake your flight training in. Initially you will be briefed on the exercises during ground school with the theory then put into practice in the air. The duration of each lesson is approximately two hours, one hour spent on the ground teaching and undergoing statutory checks of the aircraft and the second hour dedicated to flying followed by debriefing. All flying hours are logged in a book which will be submitted to the CAA upon qualifying.

The time it takes you to obtain your PPL is generally governed by your progress, the type of PPL course you choose and your availability to fly. There is no time limit to the courses other than between the written exam towards the end of the training and the final skill test, which is stipulated by the CAA.

You and your instructor, can arrange lessons dependant on your progress and enthusiasm and they can be altered dependent on your flight de-briefing, where your future flight training will be discussed. In the first few weeks there is a lot to take in and leaving long gaps between lessons can lead to exercises being re-visited, however the early training is quite demanding and when theory and practice is combined it can become tiring, this is a factor to be considered when arranging lessons.

Your solo flight can be undertaken from the age of 16, following a successful medical examination by a CAA approved clinician for the EASA PPL or LAPL. The medical ensures your eye sight is of an acceptable level and that your general medical fitness is good enough to take charge of an aircraft.

Generally if you and your instructor feel that you are making continuous progress then you can expect to take your solo flight after 10-20 hours of logged flying. The flight is usually a single circuit of the airfield, an exercise you will have practiced with your instructor thoroughly prior to going solo.

In order to pass your PPL you must complete a minimum number of flying hours. Some of these hours must be solo, partly in the airfield vicinity and then later on cross country flights. All the flights you take as pilot in charge will be supervised, from the ground, by your instructor.

You will also be required to take a number of written, oral and practical examinations with your instructor. The written exams are multiple choice papers where a mark of 75% is required to pass. The appropriate revision material can be sought through your instructor. If you feel you need further tuition alongside your self directed study then further ground school can be arranged.

You may apply for your licence once you have passed all the written exams, skill test, dual, solo and cross country hours. Once these are completed your instructor will stamp and sign your log book to confirm that the recorded hours are correct. This will then be sent with your exam results and medical report to the CAA, in return you will be sent your PRIVATE PILOTS LICENCE!!!!

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